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Shooting in Buenos Aires & Río Negro for BBC Documentary

Shooting in Buenos Aires & Río Negro for BBC Documentary

By contributing blogger Benjamín Harguindey As production fixers, we’ve had the privilege of working with the United Kingdom on several production shoots, the latest of which was on a documentary for the BBC about parrots and their urban habitats. San Telmo Productions was in charge of fixing the filming of the documentary, a 12-day shoot in Buenos Aires City and … Continue reading

How to Find a Local Production Fixer in Argentina

by Ginger Gentile and Amy Ramirez (contributing blogger) You’ve gotten the green light from the executive producer or the funding needed to start shooting in Argentina. But you’ve never been, speak very basic Spanish and have a tight schedule and an even a tighter budget. So finding a local production fixer (aka local production coordinator) … Continue reading

Film Permits in Buenos Aires

Film permits are necessary in Buenos Aires if you plan on filming with a professional crew that will cause disruption to auto or pedestrian traffic, or if special effects will be used or action happen that can confuse or endanger passersby (for example, an actor uses a gun), or you need to park trucks, use … Continue reading