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Review: “El Dedo” Gets a Thumbs Up

by Adam Davis, contributing blogger For a film ostensibly about a finger, “El Dedo,” the latest release from director Sergio Teubal, certainly displays a lot of heart. (Watch trailer with English subtitles below) The movie begins when the acting leader of a rural Argentine village, Don Hidalgo (Gabriel Goity), announces that, with the birth of … Continue reading

Shantytown Residents Film Their Own Movie

by Amelia Batho, Contributing Blogger No make up, no set, no fake guns needed. In this movie, the slum dwellers acted, shot and scripted a movie that reflects their own violent reality. Far from the glamor of Palermo and the pleasing aesthetics of San Telmo architecture, in the neighborhood of Barracas lies a Buenos Aires … Continue reading

Cinema and Soccer in Gaumont Cinema NOW!

Argentina may have been booted out of The World Cup 2010, but there´s still room to celebrate football in the cinematic arena thanks to a program that has been organized by the INCAA (Argentine Film Board) here in Buenos Aires. In the Gaumont INCAA Cinema, on Avenida Rivadavia 1635, until Wednesday 7th July 2010, a … Continue reading

Free Documentary Film Showings in Buenos Aires

By Tracey Chandler, Contributing Blogger On Wednesday 12th May, Wednesday 19th May and Wednesday 9th June, at The Centro Cultural de la Cooperación on Avenida Corrientes 1543, 1st Floor, Sala Tuñón, is a series of FREE documentary film showings about Argentina. The films vary in length from 5 minutes to full length features and each … Continue reading