Local Fixer & Complete Production Services for Film and TV Shoots

Do I really need a film permit to shoot in the street? Can I get undeveloped film out of the airport without passing through the metal detector? What equipment can I rent and what should I bring? How can I put together a great English-speaking crew?

San Telmo Productions has the answers.

Happy crew on HGTV’s “Bang for Your Buck”

Filming in Argentina can be a great experience, but like everywhere, it helps to have a local on your crew. Whether you need help with logistics, customs clearance (Argentina does not accept carnets) film permits, hotel reservations, transport, translations, setting up interviews, locations, casting, to putting together a first rate crew, San Telmo Productions is on your side, getting you the best price.

At San Telmo Productions we prevent problems before they arise.  We ask questions, give you clear advice and make sure you tap into our network of suppliers to get the best equipment, transport and crew for your shoot in Argentina, Uruguay or Chile.

We are unique in that our staff is made up of filmmakers from Argentina, South America, Europe and the US who combine an understanding of your culture with local know-how.

Contact us at info@santelmoproductions.com  or via the coments section below to get a quote for your next shoot!

In addition to our fixer service for TV and documentary shoots we also offer turnkey content for brands and networks, shoots for corporate videos, travel videos and complete production services for independent films and commercials.

We have worked with production companies who produce content for Gene Simmons Family Jewels, HGTV, History Channel, Nat Geo, BBC, Nine Networks Australia, Travel Channel and the companies Nike, Pottery Barn, GE, AirBnB and Madero Hotels.

We have worked with clients from the following countries (in order of frequency): USA, UK, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Korea, Israel, Russia, Sweeden, Finland and Mexico.

We have worked with small productions of two shooters to commercial shoots with crews of 30, and our clients are always pleasantly surprised with the results:

“It was such a pleasure working with San Telmo Productions. Both Ginger and Gabriel were so thorough throughout the entire pre-production process. We had several conversations with them prior to the shoot. They arranged excellent gear rentals, an English speaking crew, chauffeured-driven transport, not to mention some of the best catered food any of us have ever eaten!!  They asked lots of questions and didn’t miss a beat once it came time to the actual shoot.  We have such a great product, thanks to their hard work and attention to every little detail. If/when we return to South America, they will be the first ones we call.”
~Michelle McDonald, Supervising Producer, High Noon Entertainment, HGTV’s Bang For Your Buck

“We found San Telmo Productions on the Internet and were a bit nervous, because we’d never filmed in Argentina. They were able to pull together a six day shoot, 12 actors, multiple locations and everything came out on budget. We also found that there were a number of delightful extras,like extra production assistants and private security, so our shoot went off without a hitch. Ginger Gentile and Gabriel Balanovsky are wonderful. The footage is spectacular.” -Jonathan Dariyanani, Independent Producer for K12, Inc.

“When working on this challenging series for National Geographic Channel shot in 10 capitals around the world, it was crucial to find the best help we could in each location. San Telmo Productions managed to find and secure some of the most difficult contributors in Buenos Aires who really helped our show stand out. Ginger and Gabriel understood exactly what we were looking for, helping us in pre production and throughout our hectic filming week.” – Leticia Meruvia Line Producer/UPM Zig Zag Productions (UK) “Scam City” National Geographic http://www.zigzagproductions.tv

“I wanted to thank you guys for making Buenos Aires a good shoot! You handled it very well, our gear had no issues in or out, drivers were excellent, logistics excellent so I have to thank you both for making it all happen!  I appreciate it very much!!!!!! I will use you guys in the future for sure! I hope to come back to BA soon!” – John Kalning Line Producer/UPM, A Day in the Life Inc. (USA) “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” A&E http://www.genesimmons.com/pages/gsfj/index.html

“We had a last minute shoot come together in Argentina and decided to try to hire local. Ginger was extremely helpful with working through our crew, gear, budget and logistic needs – especially with our up-to-the-wire changes and additions. We were able to send our Field Producer down solo to work with their team. It was comforting to know that he had local help with ground transport and navigating any film permitting needs. Gabriel also helped our Field Producer locate and set up a shoot with one of our interviewees who had no phone or internet! We hope to be able to shoot more locations in the area, as we know we’ll have a local team we can count on.” – Amanda Metz, Production Manager AMS Pictures (USA) “You Live in What?” HGTV http://op.amspictures.com/our-shows/you-live-in-what/

“I had the fortunate pleasure of stumbling upon San Telmo Productions when I was looking for a fixer in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From the beginning, Ginger Gentile and Gabriel Balanovsky helped with all of my prepping needs for the documentary series I am working on. As soon as the crew arrived, I received feedback from them that Gabriel had coordinated everything to ensure the shoot would go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We had a few hiccups throughout our visit in Buenos Aires but with Gabriel’s quick problem solving skills, we managed to obtain the footage we required. Post filming in Buenos Aires, Ginger and Gabriel have continued to follow up on outstanding documents etc and they have helped me out immensely. I highly recommend utilizing San Telmo and their talents for any future potential films / documentaries / series etc that you may have in Buenos Aires.”
Tara Anderson, Production Coordinator, Cineflix Productions

“If you’re thinking about working with San Telmo Productions for a TV shoot in Buenos Aires, just do it. They are reliable, organized and proactive. We could always get in touch with them easily during pre-production. Logistics were great and Gabriel was able to get us a last minute location replacement in the blink of an eye. The sound guy they provided spoke perfect English and worked seamlessly with our DoP. We’ve shot all over the world and it’s always a pleasure to work with professionals like the ones at San Telmo Productions.” –Cassandra Corbet, Senior Production Coordinator, Leopard Films (USA) “House Hunters International” HGTV www.hgtv.com/house-hunters-international/show/index.html

“Working with someone thousands of miles away to shoot my required footage was certainly an uncertain experience for me. However the gang at San Telmo followed my instructions to the letter, and the footage was excellently lit, composed and expertly shot. I highly recommend San Telmo!”- Jim Ross, Director Creative Development www.theultimatecatalog.com

Thanks to the incredible work of my producer Gabriel Balanovsky of San Telmo Productions it was a walk on the beach for me. We managed to shoot 6 locations (2 exteriors) in 3 consecutive days, with a documentation team of FashionTV follwing our every step. Gabriel Balnovsky made sure everything went off without a hitch even though we were on a tight deadline.” –Synes Elischka, Director of publicity spot for Delaostia  www.delaostia.net


7 thoughts on “Local Fixer & Complete Production Services for Film and TV Shoots

  1. Good Afternoon,

    My name is Nandi ::: and I I lived in Buenos Aires and worked at the football stadiums of Boca and River for 5 months.

    I work for a production company, called ::: in Johannesburg, South Africa. We have been contracted by the South African Broadcasting Corporation, Host Broadcaster for the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup, to produce a documentary series looking at the relationship between faith and football.

    We are producing a documentary on the relationship between Football and Religion.
    We want to come to Buenos Aires to film River Plate and Boca Juniors and document the rivallry that exists between them.
    We also want to get to the Church of Maradona.
    I have already made arrangements with River Plate
    We need a local fixer to help us gain access to Boca Juniors, and get us a contact at the Church of Maradona. We would need fixer who could fulfill the role of translator, guide, some-one to organise permits and driver.

    All material will be treated with sensitivity, and the SABC makes sure that we are very respectful of how we interact with the religions and places we film and the documentary series respects international best practices.

    The purpose of the series is to celebrate the role football plays in individuals’ lives, and the power it has almost as a religion.

    Could you please let me know if you would be interested in this project and quote me your rates?

    Kind regards,
    (personal info has been deleted by San Telmo Productions to protect privacy)

  2. For peak season in Buenos Aires it is important to have someone who can book a hotel room-they often book up in advance!

  3. Hello,

    I am an associate producer and we want to shoot a documentary on gauchos in Patagonia. I see on the site that you have shot on a related subject. Do you know anyone that could connect us to some cool gauchos in Patagonia?

    If we shoot we would also need a local fixer.
    I left my email above. Please email me asap if you know of any leads. Thank you!

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  5. Hello from the UK!
    I was wondering if you could advise on the main filming hubs in Argentina? I assume Buenos Aires is one, but are there other regions where it is popular to film (and has lots of local crew etc)?
    Thank you!

  6. Hi Fiona,
    Almost 95% of filming takes place in Buenos Aires city and Buenos Aires province. 3% takes place in Cordoba. Most crew and equipment are based in Buenos Aires and travel out to shoots. However, you can find small filming hubs in Cordoba, Rosario but most importantly San Luis and Mendoza. Why? Mendoza has great weather so is a popular location for commercials (as well as the nearby wine country and Andes peaks). San Luis (near Mendoza) is one of the few provinces that gives subsidies to filming, though it is kind of “on again, off again”.
    Most provinces are film friendly but few have enough local crew to support a large production–people from those provinces often locate to BsAs for steady work.
    We would love to see more filming take place out of BsAs, but it is expensive to establish infrastructure.

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