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Cartier Commercial Filmed in Buenos Aires

by Tracey Chandler, Contributing Blogger We´ve heard it all before…. Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America….. but it seems that the major jewelery brand, Cartier, really believe this to be true. Filming commercials in Argentina is popular for many reasons. It´s cheaper, quality and expertise is still very much guaranteed and the locations … Continue reading

Filming in Argentina is Cost Effective and Versatile

by Tracey Chandler, Contributing Blogger The famous commercial for Mastcard, entitled “The Bicycle” or “La Bicicleta,” is an example of genius in terms of creativity and construction. Filmed in part in La Estación Provincial de Trenes de La Plata in Argentina, the masterminds behind the commercial managed to turn the train station into a port, … Continue reading

San Telmo Productions Web Page updated!

In the on-going quest to improve our SEO (search engine optimization) we’ve redone our home page in html (it used to be in beautiful but not so search friendly flash) so check it out, we’d love to get your feedback! We’re hoping that more people will be able to find us when they are looking … Continue reading

New Comercial Filmed in San Telmo! (my neighborhood)

My parents saw this commercial in the states and called me to say that they recognized the streets: Av. Casseros and Defensa. (Triva points: Ernesto “Che” Guevara´s family had an apartment in this street). In the commercial it appears as a European street that opens into an impressionist painting. I can´t include the video here … Continue reading