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BAFICI: My First Million Viewers. A Roundtable of Film Success Stories

BAFICI: My First Million Viewers. A Roundtable of Film Success Stories

By Benjamín Harguindey, contributting blogger In light of the 15th BAFICI, festival director Marcelo Panozzo hosted a roundtable (“without the table”, was the joke) on Thursday 11th with some of the country’s most successful filmmakers: directors Pablo Trapero, Juan Taratuto and Hernán Goldfrid, and producer Axel Kuschevatsky talked business and answered questions in an event … Continue reading

Slum Girl Soccer: INCAA Grant Won!

Slum Girl Soccer (Goles y Metas) has just been declared “of interest” by the INCAA, the Argentine Film Board. This will enable myself and my co-director/producer Gabriel Balanovsky to keep filming. We now have more than half of the financing in place, thanks to the INCAA. Now with this official stamp of approval, we are … Continue reading

Argentina Struggles to Ask: Are too Many Movies Made?

Argentina produces more than 60 films annually that are commercially released (the number of super independent productions that don´t make it into cinemas is impossible to calculate, but let´s say, at least 100 more).  Hollywood releases about twice that. In other words, a country with about 10% the population of the US manages to make … Continue reading

National Film Board Changes Funding Laws

The national film board, the INCAA (Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales) has just released new funding guidelines that will govern which fiction and documentary projects will be made in Argentina. For the first time, producers can apply for funds for already produced movies. Presently, a lot of movies are made with very small … Continue reading