National Film Board Changes Funding Laws

The national film board, the INCAA (Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales) has just released new funding guidelines that will govern which fiction and documentary projects will be made in Argentina.

For the first time, producers can apply for funds for already produced movies. Presently, a lot of movies are made with very small budgets, and are then presented to the INCAA for funding and the producers claim that the movies haven´t been made yet. This will make the process more honest. The amount that one picture can receive will increase to 2.300.000 pesos (as of Dec 2008, about 666k at 1 peso to 3.45 USD) and films no longer have to be filmed in 35mm to qualify.

INCAA will continue to fund documentaries made digitally, acquiring the broadcast rights in Argentina and letting the producers profit from sales abroad–a great business model for people considering investing in Argentine-made docs.

Most movies made in Argentina receive government funds and are also exhibited in government run movie theaters. These funds are raised by a tax on movie tickets and television stations (not general taxes). Hollywood and Bollywood in India are the only two film centers in the world that exist without government funding.

Currently, INCAA funds about 70 motion pictures annually and the hope is that this law will result in less productions but in better funded ones.

For more info, in Spanish go to:

http://www.lanacion asp?nota_ id=1077402

and the official INCAA site:


3 thoughts on “National Film Board Changes Funding Laws

  1. Can non-argentines take advantage of this? do you need to have co-producers in Argentina? Does the director need to be from Argentina?

  2. Hello,

    On the internet I have found your address in connection with the film UNA HISTORIA OFICIAl by Luis Puenzo and Joaquin Calatayud.
    The Kino Kunstmuseum will screen this film in its filmhistorical program on April 18 and 24. We are a filmclub in the city of Berne, which exists over 25 years and is highly accknowledged in Switzerland.

    We are now looking for the copyrights for UNA HISTORIA OFICIAL. Do you by chance have the copyrights for Switzerland? And if so, what are your charges for 2 screenings?

    As this is a very urgent matter, please let me know as soon as possible, if you are the copyright holder or if not, where I could attain the copyrights.

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    With kind regards

    Lilo Spahr

  3. hi Lilo,
    thanks for contacting us! We unfortunately do not own the rights, I would suggest checking with the IMDB database or directly with the Director of the film and his production company.

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