Slum Girl Soccer: INCAA Grant Won!

Slum Girl Soccer (Goles y Metas) has just been declared “of interest” by the INCAA, the Argentine Film Board. This will enable myself and my co-director/producer Gabriel Balanovsky to keep filming. We now have more than half of the financing in place, thanks to the INCAA. Now with this official stamp of approval, we are going to do a full press to look for sponsors who want to be associated with a documentary that tells the story of a group of young girls who use soccer (football) to learn how to go from victims to champions.

We are going to make a feature length film in HD that is broadcast ready that uses colorful images, music and moving stories to take viewers to a world that few dare to enter: the Villa 31, one of Buenos Aires´s largest and oldest shantytowns.

To see our latest cut of our work in progress:


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