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Film Permits in Buenos Aires

Film permits are necessary in Buenos Aires if you plan on filming with a professional crew that will cause disruption to auto or pedestrian traffic, or if special effects will be used or action happen that can confuse or endanger passersby (for example, an actor uses a gun), or you need to park trucks, use … Continue reading

Argentina´s Film Union: SICA

If you are planning on filming a movie (for theatrical release or for television) or a commercial, one of the key players you will be dealing with is the film crew union, or SICA (Sindicato de la Industria Cinematográfica). Unlike in other Latin American countries, film crew members are not independent contractors: they need to … Continue reading

Argentina Struggles to Ask: Are too Many Movies Made?

Argentina produces more than 60 films annually that are commercially released (the number of super independent productions that don´t make it into cinemas is impossible to calculate, but let´s say, at least 100 more).  Hollywood releases about twice that. In other words, a country with about 10% the population of the US manages to make … Continue reading

National Film Board Changes Funding Laws

The national film board, the INCAA (Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales) has just released new funding guidelines that will govern which fiction and documentary projects will be made in Argentina. For the first time, producers can apply for funds for already produced movies. Presently, a lot of movies are made with very small … Continue reading