Another Happy Client of San Telmo Productions: Cineflix Productions

Latest Happy Client, Tara Anderson of Cineflix Productions, on using local production fixer services for “The Nazi Hunters”:


“I had the fortunate pleasure of stumbling upon San Telmo Productions when I was looking for a fixer in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From the beginning, Ginger Gentile and Gabriel Balanovsky helped with all of my prepping needs for the documentary series I am working on. As soon as the crew arrived, I received feedback from them that Gabriel had coordinated everything to ensure the shoot would go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We had a few hiccups throughout our visit in Buenos Aires but with Gabriel’s quick problem solving skills, we managed to obtain the footage we required. Post filming in Buenos Aires, Ginger and Gabriel have continued to follow up on outstanding documents etc and they have helped me out immensely. I highly recommend utilizing San Telmo and their talents for any future potential films / documentaries / series etc that you may have in Buenos Aires.

Tara Anderson, Production Coordinator, Cineflix Productions

To find out how San Telmo Productions can help you on your next shoot in Argentina as a local fixer or providing complete film production services, contact us at or via the comments section below.


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