Do you need a film permit or permission to film in Argentina?

It depends on the size of your production. If you’re filming will not disrupt traffic or a sidewalk, your local production company can get a general permit for the city of Buenos Aires and other cities. This permit will allow you to film in most public places (some parks are special cases) without a tripod. Attitudes towards public space are much more lax than in the US and you will probably be able to put up a tripod, and  you should hire a local fixer or security guard to make sure the camera doesn´t get stolen (a big problem in some parts of Buenos Aires).

Keep in mind that the modern neighborhood of Puerto Madero is owned by a private corporation and all permits to film there must be applied for though the corporation, not city government.

If you want to set up tripods, lights, jibs you will need to know in advance the date and time you will be shooting, and permits will take 3 to 2 weeks. Sometimes this can be expedited, but national holidays can slow the process down. It can be as little as a week if your local production company already has a “via publica” pre-permit granted by the government which means it has had its insurance policy pre-cleared (San Telmo Productions has this approval).
But want to move inside to a museum or public building? National park? Or a train station? These situations can get tricky very fast. We had to film in a train station and had to get permission from 5 different companies–one owned the platform, the other the food stand, the other the rails, etc.
Remember, while these permits are not expensive, they can be a nightmare of red tape and multiple government offices. And you will need a local fixer or local production company like San Telmo Productions to help you through it.

We have obtained permits in Iguazú national park, Perito Moreno Glacier and many points within Buenos Aires for our clients.


2 thoughts on “Do you need a film permit or permission to film in Argentina?

  1. Can you put up the links to the various gov´t agencies that give out film permissions? How long does the process take?

  2. Hi Johan,
    The process can take one to two weeks normally, though of course there are ways to expedite the process. It is quite different to get a permit to shoot in Buenos Aires than in other provinces or in national parks, and prices can vary from cheap (Buenos Aires) to very expensive (Iguazu Park).
    To get a permit you will need to contract a local production company or producer because they cannot be granted to foreign film crews.
    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll give you the help you need.

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