David Caruso set to Shoot Movie in Buenos Aires

by Lauren Pringle, contibutting blogger

Famous for his role in CSI: Miami, the North American actor David Caruso has been location scouting in search of inspiration for his next feature film entitled “Chacarita”. Due to be filmed later on this year, the actor has recently been spotted in the city on a quick stint to search for his co-protagonist and get everything in order.

Having not been on the big screen for 10 years, Caruso seems to have fallen in love with Buenos Aires so much that it has inspired a return. In an interview with Hola, Argentina, Caruso explains his motivations as to what first brought him to Buenos Aires. Having a manager who although born in the USA, has Argentine parents was a great influence on Caruso. He explains his manager consistently insisted he visit Buenos Aires as he was so sure of how he would fall in the love with the city and the people. Caruso jokes “he was not wrong”. He also explains how upon visiting he saw the huge potential that the city has to offer and how he thought it would be a great place to explore and develop a project.

Caruso explains to Hola, “There are few times when i see people so creative and full of empathy. My first visit was in June 2011 and after that I was sold that Buenos Aires is simply marvellous”. He continues as to why in particular he chose to film the production in Argentina. “The potential of this country is amazing and on a global scale, it seems like the perfect moment to start making cinema in other places around the world with new actors and teams of people that can show other cultures and other ways of telling stories. With this new project i hope it will be just the first in exploring new niches. It is also very important to show the cultural link between Latin America and the USA”.

The production is set to start later this year and is called “Chacarita” inspired by the cemetery. Caruso explains how he has been to Paris and Moscow and yet here in Buenos Aires, he has never seen such beautiful and incredible cemeteries. The story is simple and human, following a guy from the USA who moves to Buenos Aires and falls in love with an Argentine girl much younger than him. They marry and have a child. Living a peaceful life, the plot thickens when their child mysteriously dies. The pain overtakes the couple and they separate. The guy moves back to the USA but realises after time that he cannot continue without his ex-wife. He moves back to Buenos Aires with the intention of starting things over again.

Caruso takes pride in recognizing the incredible potential of film and cinema in other countries outside of the US. He wants to explore and show other cultures on a global scale, as this is a great way to educate and taste a slice of another world. Watch this space!


22 thoughts on “David Caruso set to Shoot Movie in Buenos Aires

  1. David,

    I know you have many important matters on your mind getting prepared to make a new movie; but, I would like to make a simple request on behalf of your loyal fans in the USA. When the DVD processing is ready to begin on your new movie “Chacarita”, would you please make sure that the movie will be available in the US with Region 1 DVDs.

    I have been unsuccessful finding one or two of your movies on DVD; and if I do find one, it is usually Region 2 (Rainbow Drive). I have decided that Deadlocked must not be in DVD only VHS.

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness with this request, and I really, really wish you a great success with the movie “Chacarita”. It sounds very compelling!! I cannot wait to see it! The description of the location sounds extremely beautiful — as you say. Thank you for taking the time to read this reply to your article above. Linda C. Sullivan (Birmingham, AL)

  2. Here in the UK the Ritzy in Brixton London staged their first ever Argentina film festival on our shores which proved so popular that a second festival took place this weekend. David Carsuo has chosen right for his project to be filmed in Argentina which I’m sure will prove to be a great success to the many countries outside of the USA and UK, and will give world wide education and cultures of the potential film making across the globe.
    Every success David with your new project.
    Love Suzette.x

  3. Hi Suzette, Many have chosen Argentina to film their movies and we hope more directors continue to choose this magical country. Here in San Telmo Productions we specialize in giving complete production services to producers from the US, Canada, Europe and UK who want to film in Argentina (and the occasional person from farther afield as well).

  4. I also hope Chacarita can be on DVD in the U.S. It sounds like a very good story! My niece and her husband flew to Buenos Aires a couple of years ago and also fell in love with the city, and country.

  5. I agree with Linda…I would love to see David Caruso’s movie “Chacarita” as well. Just by watching how he developed his Horatio Caine character, I know he has put a lot of work into this new indeavor. I really believe he is meticulous in everything he does and cares about the end results which is becoming rare in the entertainment field these days. If there is a way to produce the DVD version for the States, I would be one of the first to purchase!

  6. I hope the filming of “Chacarita” is going well for you. It is a beautiful but sad story but not one to be missed. Will it be released in cinema’s world wide and on DVD either way I’m so looking forward to seeing it, and hope you will receive many accolades which you so rightly deserve for your hard work.

    Love Suzette. x

  7. David How is filming going with your latest project, we haven’t heard much from you lately, are you Ok. Are you near the end of Chacarita and if so when will your film be released. Looking forward to seeing it. I saw Rehab a while ago a good film although I’m not keen on those type of films. I like a good old weepy like your latest project.

  8. Just checking on David’s new film. When will it be out for all his fans to see, esp. in the USA. David, wish you great success with this film.

  9. I was wondering what David was doing since CSI Miami was cancelled – which it should have never been!!! I’m not surprised DC is busy making a movie. He is one of the smartest and most talented people I’ve seen. He is gifted. I am happy for him. I’ve been a fan of his ever since he was John Kelly. He left NYPD Blue and so did I. He left CBS (well, CSI Miami did) and so did I.:) He was the only reason I watched it anyway. I’m looking forward to this film. Is there a release date in mind? He has a great concept behind it. I wish him the best this life has to offer him.

  10. I agree with Molly Sloane CSI Miami should have never been axed, it was by far the best of the CSI shows and like Molly David was the only reason I watched CSI Miami, CBS have made a huge mistake. Here in the UK I am at present watching the last ever serious but as I have Sky TV I am able to watch CSI Miami on the American channel 5 and 5plus.
    I’m looking forward to the release of Chacarita and wish David every success for the future.

  11. Hi, Is there a date for the release of David’s film Chacarita and will it be released in cinema’s worldwide especially here in the UK as David is very popular with us Brits. Will it be shown at the Cannes film festival or at the Argentina film festival in London in April. Sorry if I sound impatient but I can’t wait to see it. I know he is busy with Carsuo Art and North Ranch but hey his fans myself included want to see him on the big screen in his latest production.

  12. Someone said on the 13.02.2012 he had seen rehab. I would like to where you can buy this film. Someone an idea?

  13. Someone wrote here in March 2012, he have seen David’s produced movie “Rehab”. I would like to know how and where I can buy this film. Can someone help me, please?!

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