Tigre Delta: Film Location with water, haunted houses and mansions

tigre delta

by Lauren Pringle, contributing blogger

Water world, eat your heart out!  The Tigre Delta is an adventurous region that can double for the Vientmamese jungle, the Everglades or Louisiana Bayou and can offer a captivating setting for any film or TV production.

This Calle 13 music video shows a great range of locations, natural and architectual.

Situated half an hour away from the centre of Buenos Aires, the delta extends for many kilometers, containing residential sections with wooden houses on stilts (some shacks, some verable mansions, some haunted looking) and up river turns into a wonderful, luscious and exotic green paradice. What could be better for a romantic or terror film than an exotic delta?

Several famous  productions have been filmed in Tigre. Check out Calle 13’s music video   “Beso de desayuno” video which is filmed in the exotic setting of Tigre or Viggo Mortensen’s 2008 production of “Everybody has a plan” Directed by Ana Piterbarg.

One of the many spooky houses on the Delta, with a bayou feel.

This action packed delta is an ideal location for a production shoot. With the right camera angles, you could use this location to be the Brazilian jungle, the deep and dirty south or even Vietnam. The channels that spider their way through the delta offer a range of picturesque location shots. Once you are inside the delta, there are many coves, hidden lakes and passages with half canopies of trees that drape over the river to add a magical or eerie setting.

Ideal for a romantic, horror or an action packed adventure. Amongst the waterways you will discover lots of houses belonging to famous writers and politicians, along with dishevelled and abandoned abodes that could inspire a ghoulish terror film.

One of the many turn of the century rowing clubs right out of jolly old England.

The town center itself features an amusement park, two train stations (one modern and one old-fashioned) and many elegant boating clubs built in the turn of the centruy that can lend themselves to be mansions right out of Italy or England, depending on the club.

In addition to the location double posibilities, the delta offers many documentary ideas as its people live off the river (even the “busses” are boats!) and live isolated from the metropolis that is Buenos Aires.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1674772/( Movie info for Everybody has a plan)

If you are interested in this or any other location we feature, contact San Telmo Productions to get a quote for your next film or TV production in Argentina.

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