Cartier Commercial Filmed in Buenos Aires

by Tracey Chandler, Contributing Blogger
We´ve heard it all before…. Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America….. but it seems that the major jewelery brand, Cartier, really believe this to be true.
Filming commercials in Argentina is popular for many reasons. It´s cheaper, quality and expertise is still very much guaranteed and the locations available are incredibly broad. Argentina offers mountains, icebergs, throbbing cities, vineyards and so much more.
Cartier made the decision to film their most recent commercial, about a stylish guy who escapes with an expensive piece of jewelery and a glamorous woman in tow, in Buenos Aires. Cartier´s production team wanted to film the commercial in Paris, but in March, Paris´ climate is just too cold; not really the kind of atmosphere Cartier was looking to capture about the French capital in their commercial. So….
….. after searching through 100 locations world-wide, Buenos Aires was chosen because it “is very filmic and very cinematographic.” (click here to read some more about the filming of the commercial itself).
As we mentioned last week, Mastercard, through their bicycle commercial filmed in Argentina, was able to create a port out of a train station. This month it´s Cartier´s turn at turning Buenos Aires in to Paris.
If you have a commercial to film, contact San Telmo Productions, based in Buenos Aires, directly to discuss the project in depth.

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