Patagonia Lake District´s Andes Peaks and Forests Favorite of Hollywood

by Amelia Batho, Contributing Blogger

Argentina’s Lake District is another film-making gold mine that has been used twice by director Walter Sales, served as inspiration for Walt Disney and hosts documentary crews on the lookout for wildlife and on the trail of Nazis. The area boasts 600km of fertile valleys and 20 stunning great Lakes all based at the foothills of the Patagonian Andes. The district is located within the oldest national Park in Argentina –  the Nahuel Huapi National Park – whose main town San Carlos de Bariloche, has been named the gateway to the Andean Lake District. Located on the shores of the spectacular Nahuel Huapi lake, and surrounded by lush forests, Bariloche is a town famous for its German style architecture, skiing and stunning scenery (and did we mention sunny weather in summer?). And because it is a tourist center, world class hotels and restaurants abound, and the infrastructure is first rate.

Gael Garcia Bernal and Rodrigo De la Serna star in ‘the Motorcyle Diaries’, parts of which were shot near the Lake District town of Bariloche.

Even Walt Disney based the forests in Bambi on the unique trees in the area.

Award winning Director, Walter Salles is particularly familiar with this area of Argentina, having shot parts of two major feature films here.

In 2004, he used the area around Bariloche to shoot scenes for his inspiring film ‘the Motorcycle Diaries’ which retells the true story of a young Ernesto Guevarra and his journey around South America. In fact many of the areas that the real life ‘Che’ travelled through, are the same ones used in the film. ‘On the road’ another Salles film adapted from the cult book by Jack Kerouac and currently in production, was also shot in the Lake District area just a couple of months ago. Filming is reported to have taken place near to the Chilean border and stars such as Kirsten Stewart, were able to enjoy the beautiful snowy landscape of the region and visit picturesque towns such as Villa La Angostura.

The forest that inspired Walt Disney´s Bambi

San Telmo Productions has filmed a webmercial for Pottery Barn in the beautiful mountains as well as scouted locations for two international documentaries (you probably knew that it was a hide out for Nazis) and has a network of local production people who know great characters and locations. Contact us for more information on how we can make Bariloche the next location for your commercial, film or documentary.


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