New Comercial Filmed in San Telmo! (my neighborhood)

My parents saw this commercial in the states and called me to say that they recognized the streets: Av. Casseros and Defensa. (Triva points: Ernesto “Che” Guevara´s family had an apartment in this street). In the commercial it appears as a European street that opens into an impressionist painting.

I can´t include the video here because they don´t allow embeds (silly drug company!)


One thought on “New Comercial Filmed in San Telmo! (my neighborhood)

  1. Just as an allergy can happen anywhere, any medical condition, erotic ambition, wardrobe transition, celebratoty tradition, charitable mission or political position can happen while traveling in places like Buenos Aires, which is my favorite travel destination, with its varied small neighborhoods and gorgeous people and parks that make up BA, and the outer countryside with lakes, glaciars, beaches, waterfalls, mountains and vineyards with estancias, all of which take my breath away with their great expanse of natural wonders.
    (Of course our USA Governor from South Carolina agrees about the soul felt beauty of the region!) Of course Buenos Aires is is ideal for filming commercials. I love your work and reading your blog makes me want to be there now!

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