San Telmo is the most filmed Neighborhood in Buenos Aires

It should come as no surprise that the name sake of our production company, the neighborhood San Telmo, is the most popular location for film and commercial shoots in Buenos Aires. 2010 was a banner year for film shoots in the city and Buenos Aires province, with a significant increase from 2009. There were over 548 film permits granted in the city and 726 in the province.

35% of the film shoots were for the foreign market, the largest being the film “There be Dragons” directed by Roland Joffe that takes place in Civil War Spain. The Academy Award nominated director of The Mission and The Killing Fields chose to film this high budget epic film in San Telmo and in Lujan (Province of Buenos Aires) because of the high quality and lower costs of filming in Spain. For a quick behind the scenes look in English:

The city of Buenos Aires also commonly serves as a location double for New York (yellow taxis can be rented to make the transition complete), Paris, and the beautiful train stations serving for anywhere in Europe.

Ranking of locations in Buenos Aires

1  San Telmo (I´ve seen it double for just about every European capital you can imagine, including Krakow!)

2 Downtown (microcentro) Urban cannons in one end, French-style in the other, and the impressive Casa Rosada.

3 Recoleta (It can be Europe, the Upper East Side of Manhattan and its cemetery filled with tombs is a great set piece)

Ranking of Locations in the Province

1 Vincente Lopez (a posh suburb just minutes away from the city. Mansions galor!)

2 La Plata (a beautiful city featuring cobblestone streats and low buildings)

3 Atlantic Coast (Beach towns and coastal cities that easily double for US coastline)

In addition to a hundred year old film industry, award-winning technicians, film permits are about 30% of the cost in New York and Europe.


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