Argentina’s ‘Wild Tales’ nominated for ‘Best Foreign Film’ at the 2015 Oscars

Hot of the press! Argentina has been nominated for another Best Foreign Film award at the 2015 Academy awards. Just 4 years after the win of Juan José Campanella’sThe Secret in his Eyes’, Argentina is really making a stand on the international film front.


This year two Latin American countries were on the shortlist with Argentina and Venezuela up for the foreign film category. However Argentina has taken the spotlight running up against four other nominees which include Russia’s “Leviathan,” Poland’s “Ida,” Mauritania’s “Timbuktu” and “Tangerines,” an Estonian-Georgian film.

This year there were 83 submissions in the Foreign film category and the Academy narrowed it down to just 5. After the success of ‘Wild Tales’ at Cannes, it was also very popular in the festival circuit and acquired distribution from Sony Picture Classics, which is also known for dominating this category.  Another big shot Pedro Almodovar also produced the movie and he is very popular with the Academy. “Wild Tales” will be released internationally next year, which also gives it an edge. If the movie takes home the prize, this could help it become a huge box office hit.

“Wild Tales” (“Relatos Salvajes”) includes six independent stories about people who lose control in stressful situations, from finding out about an infidelity to road rage, and feel liberated afterward. The producers say the Argentine film aims to explore “the fuzzy boundary that separates civilization from barbarism.” It has become the most-viewed domestic film of all time in Argentina, with more than 3.4 million viewers in the nation of 40 million people.

Not all the glory can be taken by ‘Best Foreign Film.’ Screenwriters Armando Bo and Nicolás Giacobone are also up for ‘Best Original Screenplay’ alongside Mexico’s Alejandro González Iñárritu and Alexander Dinelanis for the movie ‘Birdman’. They have already won the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay on Sunday so fingers crossed this will be a double win.

Another reason as to why filming in Argentina becomes ever so more desirable. Working with Oscar winning film crews isn’t something that you come across every day. For more information about filming in Argentina contact San Telmo Productions at



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