Emma Watson films in Argentina. Buenos Aires doubles as Chile and New York

As we all know at this time of year, Argentina’s Audiovisual scene seems to blossom like the jacarandas of Avenida de Julio. Two foreign films are filming in Buenos Aires this December, one a mega production starring Harry Potter star Emma Watson and the other a romantic comedy.

The bigger of the productions that is being shot in Argentina at the moment is ‘Colonia Dignidad’, A German drama directed by Florian Gallenberger which he co-wrote with Torsten Wenzel. The film is all very hush-hush and the film features Harry Potter superstar, Emma Watson, Inglorious Bastards star Daniel Bruhl colonia_101236and Michael Nyqvist. The film is based on the true events set in 1973 in Chile about a German woman who searches for her husband, who was kidnapped by General Augusto Pinochet’s Secret Police, DINA. Watson plays Lena and Bruhl, Daniel who are a German couple who get separated during the coup. Daniel is kidnapped and he is kept in a secret location where Lena tracks him down but she soon finds out the colony is a torture house and detention centre. Originally the production was meant to be set in Chile, but the issue proved too sensitive to be shot there and Argentina was a perfect location double (and also has great technicians and offers great value).

sam-huntington‘Finding Sofia’ is the other production being shot. A light-hearted comedy  Directed by Nico Casavecchia and produced by 1stAveMachine from New York. Shooting has already begun and this is an independent comedy that features “Being Human” star Sam Huntington who has also appeared in feature films “Superman Returns” and the “Veronica Mars”. The film is mainly set in the luscious wetlands of Tigre, the jungle delta region just an hour from Buenos Aires, and in certain locations around the city that double up as NYC. Buenos Aires is famous for its location doubles and doubling the production up as  New York double is about as easy to pull off as it is to slice butter on your bread.

The story tells the tale of Sam Huntington who plays a young filmmaker who makes a sudden decision and buys a ticket to Buenos Aires to pay a surprise visit to Sofia, a hot Argentine chick he has met on the Internet. However this ever so modern-day love affair doesn’t work out as he had quite planned. Once he arrives, he discovers that Sofia lives with her artist boyfriend and his assistant. Argentina actress Andrea Carballo is playing Sofia and the film features a small cast.

Keep your eyes peeled for these two exciting movies out next year at some point (we think–information isn’t out yet)

If this information has inspired you to shoot your next film in Argentina, be it an action film with serious star power or an independent film on a low-budget, San Telmo Productions is here to help you with all your production needs and we can tap into our network with the local film and TV industry. Location doubles, Actors, Equipment rental, Visas, Customs, whatever you need, just name it and we’ve got it covered–we also do commercials, docs and TV shoots.


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