Tragic news has hit the headlines this week with news about filming in Argentina. Two helicopters carrying French sports stars filming a popular European reality show crashed in a remote part of Argentina, killing 10 people, including two Olympic medal winners and a sailing champion, authorities have said.

The helicopters apparently collided in the air Monday near Villa Castelli in La Rioja province, about 1,170 kilometres northwest of Buenos Aires, La Rioja Secretary of Security Cesar Angulo told TN television. All 10 people on board — eight French nationals and two Argentine pilots — were killed. The pilots said that the weather conditions for the show were not good for flying but for some reason the helicopters took off anyway. The Pilots were very experienced in flying these helicopters.

Among the dead were French Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Camille Muffat, Olympic boxer Alexis Vastine and sailor Florence Arthaud who were taking part in the reality show “Dropped.” The Argentine statement identified the remaining victims as Laurent Sbasnik, Lucie Mei-Dalby, Volodia Guinard, Brice Guilbert and Edouard Gilles, as well as Argentine pilots Juan Carlos Castillo and Roberto Abate.

Adventure Line Productions, the show’s producers, said in a statement, that its teams were “devastated and share the deep pain of the families and loved ones.”

This brings our attention to the importance of filming safely and with the right people at all times to avoid such tragedies. Working in such risky conditions requires absolute professionals and although cutting costs at times in the deal making process might seem the way to get the right number, unfortunately the consequences can be deadly.

As far as we know no local producer was contracted. Hiring a local production company can help with safety as you are guaranteed local knowledge of the area, local knowledge of filming regulations, weather conditions in the region, all legal paperwork and working with an experienced team.

These types of accidents unfortunately are common on reality shows. We have turned down working on some shoots because we felt that we could not guarantee safety or that the client did not want to follow our instructions. This accident is a reminder that safety is more important that getting the perfect shot.

Working on reality TV shows that involve great risk and challenge require the best attention possible in the country. Here at San Telmo Productions we work with the best and most secure experts in the business to make sure all shoots are handled professionally and safety is of the utmost importance to us.

This is a tragic week for the world of television and sport across the world and in Argentina. We pay our condolences to the lost ones.




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