Walter Salles produces Santiago Mitre’s second film – a remake of the controversial “La Patota”

By contributing blogger Benjamín Harguindey

Dolores Fonzi (left) takes over diva Mirtha Legrand's (right) legendary role.

Dolores Fonzi (L) takes over Mirtha Legrand’s (R) role.

Walter Salles’ production house VideoFilmes will be co-producing Santiago Mitre’s second film “La Patota”, a remake of Daniel Tinayre’s classic 1960 social thriller. The international co-production is a result of a 2010 film fund intended to finance four co-productions a year between the countries of Argentina and Brazil.

Salles, the director of The Motorcyle Diaries (2004) and more recent mainstream movies like Dark Water (2005) and On the Road (2012) is a self-proclaimed admirer of Mitre’s first movie The Student (2012) and has called him “one of the most talented young directors in Latin America today”. Shooting will commence in August in the jungle province of Misiones, Argentina – also the shooting location for recent co-productions The Ardor (starring Gael García Bernal) and Red Soil.

La Patota will see the return of The Student’s protagonist Esteban Lamothe in a secondary role next to Oscar Martínez, but the star is Dolores Fonzi, who’ll be taking the role originally played by Mirtha Legrand’s. The 1960 movie – a controversial story about a woman who is brutally attacked when she returns to her homeland – competed at Berlin and everything’s pointing towards another hefty film festival contender, backed by a strong international co-production structure.

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