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Film Production Company in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, San Telmo Productions is a film and video production company owned and operated by Argentinean and U.S. filmmakers, ensuring the right mix between local know-how and an understanding of the needs of international markets and clients. Co-owned and operated by filmmakers Ginger Gentile, a New Yorker and graduate of Columbia … Continue reading

Argentina´s Film Union: SICA

If you are planning on filming a movie (for theatrical release or for television) or a commercial, one of the key players you will be dealing with is the film crew union, or SICA (Sindicato de la Industria Cinematográfica). Unlike in other Latin American countries, film crew members are not independent contractors: they need to … Continue reading

What is a Fixer? (Hint: it´s not a Handyman)

What does a fixer do? In the TV business, you will often here the term “local fixer” being tossed around. A local fixer basically arranges interviews, location permits, transport, hotels, meals, EVERYTHING that an out of town crew needs to shoot a story.  Sometimes also referred to as a production coordinator, or local producer, this … Continue reading