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Coming Soon: Eva & Lola

I just saw this trailer featuring two beautiful young actresses, Emme and Celeste Cid (Ms. Cid is a very famous television actress, and I think every man in Argentina has a crush on her) in a movie about an underground cabaret. . . The photography is excellent! Eva’s father disappeared during the military dictatorship. Eva … Continue reading

Burman’s Dos Hermanos Movie Fills Cinemas

by Tracey Chandler, contributing blogger Daniel Burman’s “Los Dos Hermanos” is the story of a brother and a sister, living in Buenos Aires in the later part of their lives and the difficulties which arise from dealing with family members whom you love unconditionally, but very rarely like. It is a beautiful tale told with … Continue reading

UNICIPAR: Short Film Festival on the Coast

We just got back from UNICIPAR, one of the longest running short film festivals in Argentina that is part of the international UNICA festival–also one of the longest running festivals in the world (to give you an idea, the Lumiere brother were the judges in the first festival!).  Over 30 local and international shorts were … Continue reading

Best Argentine Movie of the year: 4 hours long?

“Historias Extraordinarias” or Extraordinary Stories won the last edition of the BAFICI (Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival) and has been proclaimed the year´s best film by many critics. And it is 245 minutes long (about 4 hours and 20 minutes, counting two intermissions). Right now it is only playing in one cinema in Buenos Aires, … Continue reading