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“Everybody Has a Plan” is Viggo Mortensen´s first Argentine Film: An Ambitious Debut

by Atzin Ortiz, Contributing Blogger Writer-director Ana Piterbarg has a very ambitious plan for her debut: making a big budget (around 3 million dollars, co-produced with Fox International), crowd-pleasing existential thriller starring a Spanish-speaking Viggo Mortensen in a double role. Despite her best intentions, and having a top notch pedigree onboard, “Todos Tenemos Un Plan” … Continue reading

Evita Jewel Heist Movie “Atraco” Mixes Humor and Suspense

Evita Jewel Heist Movie “Atraco” Mixes Humor and Suspense

by Atzin Ortiz González, contributing blogger “¡Atraco!” is a Spanish-Argentinean co production direced by Eduard Cortés that aims to be one of the season’s box office hits (105 000 viewers went on its first weekend). Starring Guillermo Francella, one of Argentina’s most popular actors, and taking the mythical robbery of Evita’s jewels in Madrid during … Continue reading

Review: “Vaquero” a Post-Modern Western

by Amy Ramirez, contributing blogger Vaquero (cowboy):  A masculine archetype that probably exists in every culture that has ever been exposed to John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, or has known firsthand the creeping solitude and imminent danger of navigating through a vast blob of “no man” land on an icy desert night. Well, Juan Minujin’s “Vaquero” … Continue reading