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12th Annual BAFICI: Winners

by Lauren Pringle BAFICI (Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival) fever has swept the city and left many hands golden, including some local talent sweeping the boards with success. The stats prove that this year’s BAFICI was a smash hit. A total of 350 million people participated in this year’s event, 15% more than last … Continue reading

BAFICI line up Announced!

by Lauren Pringle, Contributing Blogger Hold onto your hats, the date is growing ever close to the 14th annual Buenos Aires Festival de Cine Independiente (Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival) to be held from April 11th to April 19th, 2012. Boasting an array of local and global talent, this year BAFICI will be opened … Continue reading

David Caruso set to Shoot Movie in Buenos Aires

David Caruso set to Shoot Movie in Buenos Aires

by Lauren Pringle, contibutting blogger Famous for his role in CSI: Miami, the North American actor David Caruso has been location scouting in search of inspiration for his next feature film entitled “Chacarita”. Due to be filmed later on this year, the actor has recently been spotted in the city on a quick stint to … Continue reading

Review: El Estudiante (The Student)

by Lucy in Baires, contributing blogger The Student is Roque Espinosa (played by Esteban Lamothe), a young guy from the countryside that comes to Buenos Aires to pursue university studies for the third time. It is not long until he realises that nothing interests him. He shows no vocation and wanders the crowded university halls … Continue reading

Review: “Vaquero” a Post-Modern Western

by Amy Ramirez, contributing blogger Vaquero (cowboy):  A masculine archetype that probably exists in every culture that has ever been exposed to John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, or has known firsthand the creeping solitude and imminent danger of navigating through a vast blob of “no man” land on an icy desert night. Well, Juan Minujin’s “Vaquero” … Continue reading