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Argentine Film Institute Creates Horror Movie Fund


An image from Necrophobia 3D.

By Benjamín Harguindey

The president of the Argentinian INCAA Film Institute, Lucrecia Cardoso, has recently created a specific kind of funding for horror movie production in Argentina. A call for applications will launch shortly, after which two projects will be selected by the state for financing.

Recent genre pieces include vampire movie Darkness by Day (2013), the 3D giallo experience Necrophobia (2014) and The History of Fear (2014), critically acclaimed at the Berlin Film Festival. Argentina has also co-produced horror movies with US studios, like the supernatural Jennifer’s Shadow (2004, starring Faye Dunaway and Gina Philips) and And Soon the Darkness (2010, starring Amber Heard and Karl Urban), a remake of the homonymous Brit ’70s thriller.

Variety also reported that local film market Ventana Sur will be conducting a small horror film festival next December by the name of “Blood Window”, in tandem with October’s traditional “Rojo Sangre” film festival.