Winners of the 28th Mar del Plata Film Festival announced!

By contributing blogger Benjamín Harguindey

Festival president José Martínez Suarez and INCAA president Liliana Mazure present the award ceremony.

Festival president José Martínez Suarez and INCAA president Liliana Mazure present the award ceremony.

The 28th Mar del Plata International Film Festival was given closure this Saturday during a ceremony held at the Auditorium Theater where the winners for both the official and unofficial awards were announced. The Festival this year held a record of 100,000 moviegoers from all over the world, with over 400 movies screening.

A Tita Merello impersonator opened up the ceremony singing popular tangos.

A Tita Merello impersonator opened up the ceremony singing popular tangos.

The undisputed winner this year was the Venezuelan The Golden Cage (La Jaula de Oro), winning Best Movie, People’s Choice, Critic’s Choice and Best Photography. Venezuelan Pelo Malo (Bad Hair) won Best Director and Best Screenplay, and The Utility of a Magazine Rack (La utilidad de un revistero) won 2 Best Argentine Director awards (official and unofficial). Festival favorite José Campusano won 3 unofficial festival awards for his new movie Ghosts of the Road (Fantasmas de la ruta).

During the ceremony Liliana Mazure reiterated the end of her term as INCAA (National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts) president.

Diego Quemada-Diez wins the Golden Astor for Best Movie for "The Golden Cage".

Diego Quemada-Diez wins the Golden Astor for Best Movie for “The Golden Cage”.


Best International MovieLa Jaula de Oro, by Diego Quemada-Diez

Best International Director: Mariana Rondón for Pelo Malo

Best International ScreenplayMariana Rondón for Pelo Malo

Best International Actress: Marian Álvarez for La Herida (The Wound)

Best International Actor: Vincent Macaigne for La Bataille de Solférino (The Battle of Solferino)

Special Jury Award: Little Feet, by Alexandre Rockwell

Special Mention: The Bright Day, by Hossein Shahabi

People’s Choice: La jaula de oro, by Diego Quemada-Diez

Best Latin American MovieLos Insólitos Peces Gato (The Strange Cat Fish), by Claudia Sainte­Luce

Best Latin American Short: Nadie Especial (Nobody Special), by Juan Alejandro Ramírez

Best Argentine Movie: La utilidad de un revistero, by Adriano Salgado

Best Argentine Director: Ada Frontini for Escuela de sordos (School for the Deaf)

Best Argentine Short Feature: Espacio personal (Personal Space), by Natural Arpajou

Best Argentine Short Feature Director: Mariano Luque for Sociales (Socials)

Best Argentine Project (Work in Progress): El Patrón (The Boss), by Sebastián Schindel

Mentions: Miramar, by Fernando Sarquís and Necrofobia (Necrophobia), by Daniel de La Vega

Honorable Mentions: Yo sé lo que envenena (I Know What Poisons) by Federico Sosa and Cancha 3 (Field 3)by Jorge Leandro Colás


MOVIECITY Award for Best Argentine Movie: Choele, by Juan Sasiaín

DAC Award for Best Argentine Director: Adriano Salgado for La utilidad de un revistero

FIPRESCI Award for Best Latin American Feature Length: Penumbra, by Eduardo Villanueva.

Best “Argentine Panorama” Movie AwardEl Crítico (The Critic), by Hernán Guerschuny

Critic’s Award for Best International Movie: La jaula de oro, by Diego Quemada­Diez  and Fantasmas de la ruta, by José Campusano

ADF Award for Best Photography in an International Movie: La Jaula de Oro, byDiego Quemada­Diez 

ARGENTORES Award for Best Argentine Script: José Campusano, for Fantasmas de la Ruta

Ventana Sur Award for “Open Veins” Movie: Videoclub, by Pablo Illanes

SADAIC Award for Best Music in an Argentine Movie: Choele, de Juan Sasiaín

Tato Miller Award: El Vals de los Inútiles (Waltz of the Useless), by Edison Cájas

Revelation Actor & Actress in an Argentine Movie: Manuela Piqué for Liberen a García (Free García) y José Manuel Espeche for Polvareda (Dust Storm).

Best Editiing in an Argentine Movie Award: Maravilla, un luchador adentro y afuera del cuadrilátero (Maravilla, a Fighter Inside and Outside the Ring) , by Juan Pablo Cadaveira

Best “Original Soundtrack” Section Award: El Blues de los Plomos (Blues of the Dull) by Gabriel Patrono and Paulo Soria

MAR DE CHICOS Award for Best Short Feature: Juegos de Guerra, (War Games) by Bruno Scopazzo

Special Mentions: El Gatito (The Kitten) by Pablo Sicialiano and Modesta historia de un suntuoso derrochón (Modest Story of a Sumptuous Spiller) by Gonzalo Rimoldi

FEISAL Award for Best Competing Movie from a Latin American filmmaker under 35Las Analfabetas (Illiterate) by Moisés Sepúlveda

SIGNIS Award for Best International Movie: La Jaula de Oro, be Diego Quemada­Diez

Special Mention: Fantasmas de la Ruta, by José Campusano

Best Trailer: Emiliano Serra for La multitud (The Crowd) by Martín Oesterheld

Best Poster: Martin Lehmann for Mika, mi guerra de España (Mika, My war of Spain) by Fito Pochat and Javier Olivera

Best Cinematographic Essay: Alejandro Kelly for Aprendiendo a vivir. Familia y Sociedad en el cine de ingenuo (Learning to Live. Family and Society in Ingenue Cinema).


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