Help take 1000 girl footballers to the movies to see “Goals for Girls”

afiche_ESWe finally finished “Goals for Girls: A story of women with balls” a feature documentary about female football (soccer) in Argentina. We started filming in 2008 and followed a team of girls from the Villa 31 shantytown as well as interviewed players from all walks of life.

After participating in Good Pitch Buenos Aires in August 2013 (a project of Sundance Institute and Britdoc) we decided that not only did we want to take the girls who participated in the film (and their families) to see it on the big screen, but we also wanted to take as many female players from poor neighborhoods as possible. Why? Many of them have never been to the movies and it will help validate them in front of the families to see girls like them on the big screen.  There are so few films with positive female  roll models, let alone from shantytowns, so we really want to get as many people to see it, and talking about it, as we can!

And that is why we need your help: to get as many girls as possible to the

These girls are champions and deserve to see their stories on the big screen!

These girls are champions and deserve to see their stories on the big screen!

movies we started a crowd funding campaign on (like Kickstarter).  For just $6 dollars (32 argentine pesos) you can take one girl to the movies, including transport. If you can donate more, we will get you cool prizes like a copy of the film, a cool football jersey, and even tickets to the premier. And if you donate half of our goal, we will film your wedding/birthday party/make a video for you company! Yes, two filmmakers will make the best video ever, and you will spend market price, but also help almost 500 girls go to the movies!

You can donate from anywhere in the world and instructions are in English:

Goals for Girls Shantytown Soccer Football Dust Slum

After playing for years in a dusty field, these girls deserve a night at the movies!


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