“Memory of the Dead” (La Memoria del Muerto): Horror film offers more than blood and gore, is a thrilling supernatural adventure

by Francois Coulombe, contributing blogger

Blood coming out of the head. Blood coming out of the mouth. Blood on the walls. Girls fighting in a blood pool. Blood sacrifice. Person sewing her own eyes shut (with blood coming out)

If you’re a fan of horror, “Memory of the Dead” (La Memoria del Muerto) has it all!

After Jorge’s death (Gabriel “el Puma” Goity), Alicia (Lola Berthet) brings his closest friends to their house so that she can read a letter left by her husband dying. Little do they know, a resurrection ritual is at the heart of this meeting and the house is about to get flooded by evil spirits. The characters will be made to experience their worst fears. But something darker is going on in this house…

Excellent work by director Valentín Javier Diment (Parapolicial Negro). I truly enjoyed this film. It was a really good blend of gore, suspense, perverted black humor, with a nice little climax at the end. Except for people bleeding from their mouth, nothing was overdone. The end scene is by all mean the scariest one (if you have a sense of humor).

Gabriel Goity at his blood drenched best.

The use of fish eyes lens, some interesting lighting mixed with dramatic camera angles will keep you on the edge of your seat. The use of simple VFX and great makeup brought me right back to the 80s American horror scene (minus the usual stupidity that came with it).

The film has been screened in many festivals around the world such as: BAFICI (Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival), Festival de Sitges, Festival de Cine Rojo Sangre and Feratum Film Fest (where it won the prize for “best film”).

Lola Berthet as the grieving widow.

Argentina has a growing horror film industry–most a small budget films made with no-name actors–that produces movies for export. “Memory of the Dead” shows that this genre can be elevated by creative directing and using famous actors as both Goity and Berthet are well-known on the local scene for their talent and long list of films and TV projects.

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