“Matrimonio” a Love Story Set in Mid-Life with Cecilia Roth

matrimonioby Francois Coulombe, contributing blogger

Loosely inspired from James Joyce‘s “Ulysses”, “Matrimonio” is a glimpse in the married life of Esteban (Darío Grandinetti) and Molly (Cecilia Roth). A typical mid aged couple who has stopped fuc… functioning.  Esteban is going mad trying to patch his relationship and Molly is going insane over having a broken marriage. The story unravels itself with a series of twists and turns so that the two of them understand what is keeping them together.

This is not your typical Hollywood romance story with good & evil and/or a love triangle. This is more a visual representation of a problem that has become very common in today’s society. (Shot on a beautiful Buenos Aires background)

I believe the director, Carlos Jaureguialzo (Tres pájaros), did a very good job for his second film. The use of very experienced actors like Cecilia Roth (All about my Mother) and Darío Grandinetti (El lado oscuro del corazon) makes me classify the acting as top notch. The editing is cleverly laid out by showing the movie from 2 different perspectives (Men & Women). The screenplay does a good job at demonstrating how your view is often biased which makes it hard to understand your partner. It also goes through a deeper problem which is someone’s ego being too high to acknowledge that the other is actually trying. And then there is the fact that sometimes, no matter what you try, there are uncontrollable forces in the universe that will act both for and against you.

This movie gave me the opportunity to reflect on my own life as a couple.  Thankfully I am not at their level but I do know that it is pretty much inevitable and that it is worth lingering on the idea instead of being taken by surprise.


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