Bringing In Video or Film Equipment into Argentina?

Summer (December to March) is the busy filming season in Argentina due to the sunny weather.  A lot of production companies have been contacting San Telmo Productions to arrange logistics for their shoots.

First question: Are you bringing in professional film, video or audio equipment?

You will also need to arrange customs clearence to enter with equipment. The bad news: Argentina is NOT a carnet country. The good news: it is an easy and affordable process to get clearence, and this must be done in advance through a local production company. San Telmo Productions has done this process for crews ranging working for A&E, Travel Channel, NAT GEO and HGTV. With this clearence, entering and leaving the country is quick and easy (sometimes as little as 20 minutes). Without this, your equipment will not be allowed to enter Argentina.

Your crew may need work visas. To apply for work visas at your local Argentine consulate, you will need invitation letters from an Argentine Production Company that is registered with the ReNURE (registry of companies authorized to work with foreign businesses). The original letter needs to be Fed Exed with all the requisite seals/stamps granted by local notaries. Once the letter is received, the visa should be able to be processed within one month to 10 days, depending on the back-log of your local consulate. To see if you will need visas, check with your local Argentine consulate to learn about the rules applying to your country of origin and contact San Telmo Productions, as the size of the crew matters (larger film and commercial shoots will need them, smaller ones may not).

“I wanted to thank you guys for making Buenos Aires a good shoot! You handled it very well, our gear had no issues in or out, drivers were excellent, logistics excellent so I have to thank you both for making it all happen!  I appreciate it very much!!!!!! I will use you guys in the future for sure! I hope to come back to BA soon!” – John Kalning Line Producer/UPM, A Day in the Life Inc. (USA) “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” A&E

Not only is hiring a local production company for complete production services or for a  local production fixer be of great help during the shoot, it will ensure that all legal obligations are met.  Contact San Telmo Productions for a quick quote and to find out more about how filming in Argentina can be easy and exciting (in a good way)!

Please note, if you choose to rent in Argentina, a wide variety of film and HD equipment is available. We have been able to source just about anything for our clients, including equipment that most rental houses don´t have in stock.

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