“El Sol” is Witty Animation, for Adult Eyes Only

Atzin Ortiz González, contributing blogger

After being the artistic director in Juan Antin’s animated “Mercano, el Marciano” (2002), but before creating the animated series “Leguleyo” (2012), Ayar Blaso went a long road to finish his first long feature “El Sol”, due to it’s low budget. Finally making it’s commercial debut, viewers can now enjoy an irreverent and unapologetic film that has a lot in common with the likes of South Park or Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

“Once” and “La Checo” are two young rebels who live in a post apocaliptic Buenos Aires. Their routine involves theft, drugs, and staying away from the sun. They’re searching for survivors while trying to stay alive. During their journey they will find different types of urban tribes that share their same survival instincts: cannibals known as “the pretty ones”, an argentinean sindicate of mutants, a decadent pseudorepublic with a severe abuse of power, radioactive potatoes, a worshipping clan, among others. A hilarious prologue, which sets the tone of the film, shows us how life was before the apocalypse. We actually witness that event, but it really doesn’t matter since the city is still the same mess as it was before.

“El Sol” wouldn’t be as funny if it wasn’t for the voice talent involved. They make swearing a virtue. Among the familiar voices, one can spot Dr. Tangalanga: a famous comediant well known for his telephone pranks. But still, the movie feels like a boat without a clear course, mainly because the script is written more like a series of vignettes than an actual plot.

Using simple, yet effective 2D flash animation, Ayar gives us plenty of weirdness and dark humor in the short span of 65 minutes. But most important, he offers an option that is not common in the national production. Just remember to leave the kids at home.

Currently playing in Malba Musem throughout August. Thursdays @ 10pm & Saturdays @ midnight; also playing in Gaumont Cinema, General City Belgrano & Arte Cinema.

El Sol (Argentina/2010) / Written and Directed by: Ayar Blasco / Music: Julio & Agosto / with the voices of: Sofía Gala Castiglione, Jorge Sesán, Dr. Tangalanga, Divina Gloria, Luciana Condito y Martín Piroyansky / Running time: 65 minutes.

Website: http://www.peliculaelsol.blogspot.com.ar/


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