Snow Locations in June and July

by Laura Pringle, contributing blogger

Pull up your winter socks and shrug your scarf tightly around your neck because winter is here in the Southern Hemisphere.  If you are on the hunt for a snowy spot or winter location for you next film, commercial or TV shoot, Argentina has an abundance of stunning locations to offer.

Some of the cinematic hot spots (or should I say “cold”) in Argentina lie on the Andean mountain range and offer a wonderful setting for film locations. While many mountains have snow on the peaks year round, starting in late June ski resorts open and it all begins to look like a Christmas greeting card.

Bariloche in particular is a favourite with production companies. A beautiful ski townsurrounded by Argentina’s oldest national park – the Nahuel Huani National Park –  has been named the gateway to the Andean Lake District. The town of Bariloche can easily be duplicated for a town in the Swiss Alps. Boasting traditional German architecture and log cabins, Bariloche offers great transport, accommodation and accessibility to its surroundings. With excellent access to the mountain peaks, Bariloche is an ideal location for a production in need of large lakes, snow capped peaks and a European feel for half the price.

In Bariloche, it really is Christmas in July.

Due to the infrastructure available at the ski resorts, it is easy to reach summits and areas that have an untouched look. They can be reached by chair lift and snow cats, reserving helicopter only for filming, not for transport. The views are stunning, featuring jagged peaks and deep blue lakes in the distance.  Permit fees for filming in the ski resort are much lower than in Chile, and permit fees for National Parks are lower in Bariloche than in Calafate or in Chile. Bariloche offers ease and cost savings compared to other similar locations.

Calafate is also a favourite for many production companies.  Mountains rise out of the plains to protect the treasure that is glacier Perrito Moreno. Miles of snow covered ice formations make Calafate one of the ninth wonders of the world.  A top tourist location, access is very easy. But filming is prohibited from June to early August.

On the Perrito Moreno Glacier, the ice formations can be hiked upon year round.

If Perito Moreno is your spot, the glacier can be filmed on boat, land and also hiked on. The ice changes color throughout the day, ranging from rosy pink to every shade of blue imaginable. The ice is stable and can be walked/filmed on. At the edge of the glacier, ice breaks off and crashes into the silver lake, creating a thundering sound and a beautiful spectacle.  The town is a tourist hotspot so accommodation, food and flights come a plenty.  Moreno is a new film shot in the heart of Patagonia which tells the unknown history about a famous Argentine Pioneer: Francisco Perito Moreno. Patagonia by Welsh Director Marc Evans, also chose this location to capture his film which features Brothers and Sisters actor Mathew Rhys.

Here at San Telmo Productions we have produced several snowy shoots in Bariloche, Patagonia and Calafate. Our unique service combines managing and exceeding the expectations of international clients with our intimate knowledge of the local film industry so that we can offer a cost efficient and seamless production. We can secure visas, travel, casting and location scouting, hire crew and equipment, logistics, post production, we ensure that all legal, union, and tax requirements are met, so you can relax and focus on shooting.


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