Pantalla Pinamar Film Festival: Movies on the Beach

by Lauren Pringle, Contributing blogger

For the 9th year Argentina collaborated with Europe to host Pantalla Pinamar set in an elegant beach town on the South Atlantic coast, which featured an array of talent from European and Argentine Cinema, including documentary, fictions and shorts.

The gold prize winner of this year was: “NOT SO MODERN TIMES“, by Simón FRANCO which follows the story of a solitary man in Patagonia. Payagula, the central character lives a humble life until one day he receives a satellite dish that will change his perceptions of the world forever. The story is simple and beautiful and is an Argentine, Chilean and German co-production.

The silver award goes to “THE FINGER“, by Sergio TEUBAL. Watch the trailer with English subtitles!

An Argentine production the story is set in the Argentine interior in 1983. After years of bloody dictatorship, the country is preparing to return to democracy. But the population is not accustomed to voting. It has no idea of how you choose who will rule. In the provincial town of Cerro Colorado, the man running for mayor is murdered. As an act of vengeance, the man’s finger will be kept in a jar. Standing on a shop counter, it gains a life of its own. It will serve as an excuse to solve a murder, renew the faith of the sceptics, and relive love stories in Cerro Colorado. A black comedy based on Alberto Assardourian’s novel ‘El dedo de Baldomero’ (‘Baldomero’s Finger’).

The Bronze award goes to “THE BONES TUNNEL“, by Nacho GARASSINO. Another Argentine production, the plot follows a prison break during Argentinas troubled political history.

Want to get a jump on next year´s action? Check out


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