Argentina´s First 3D Film Smash Hit!

by Lauren Pringle, contributting blogger

Peter Capusotto in 3 Dimensions, directed by Pedro Saborido is a ridiculously humorous, satirical and effortlessly intelligent comment on the Argentine entertainment industry.

Selling over 100,000 tickets in its first week, Peter Capusotto in 3D broke box office tables and was top of the charts in its opening week ahead of big Hollywood blockbusters such as Immortals.

Distributed by Buena Vista International, with support from INCAA and Pampa Films, the cult television series “Peter Capusotto and his Videos” is a landmark in itself within Argentine comedy so there is no surprise that when Diego Capusotto took his much loved characters to the big screen, it was a predicted sell-out. The first Argentine 3D spectacular was visually entertaining filled with fluorescent rainbow colors and obscure objects darting out of the screen.

Along the journey we meet Violencia Rivas. Perhaps a favourite of mine; this bitter and twisted old fogy who is never seen without a whisky and cigarette in hand is a hilarious portrayal of the older Porteño generation.

Witness her shoot a waiter, bash up a rude-boys car and throw bizarre stuffed cats and chickens across the screen. All be it sounds obscure; this is exactly the farcical humour that Capusotto does so well.

Another highlight is the Micky Vainilla. A fascist character that dons a Hitler style goatee Capusotto effervescently mocks the prejudice attitudes of the white middle class of Buenos Aires. With such a cutting script, Capusotto’s pizzazz in being so blunt is what makes him so brilliant.

Cracking jokes and offering the audience a mountain of giggles, Peter Capusotto in 3D is definitely worth a watch if you have a keen interest in Argentina and the interesting characters you find walking down the street.


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