For Halloween: Spooky Film Location – A Town killed by Floods

by Amy Ramirez, Contributing Blogger

What can be creepier than an abandoned haunted house? You got it, an abandoned city. About four hours west of Buenos Aires lays an entire city submerged in water due to a major flood in 1985. The tops of light posts, roofs, emerge like industrial ghosts from a sleepy lake. Before the flood, Villa Epecuén salty lake was a tourist attraction. Now its spooky setting is the perfect location for your next horror film or dream sequence.

Remnants of the disaster have caused the natural and man-made landscapes to mold together and transform Villa Epecuén into a place like none other in the world. Whether it be a post-apocalyptic world, a sci-fi thriller, or a city in the shambles of war, Villa Epecuén can be the location for a variety of eerie places.  Three Argentine films have used this location, who will be the first foreign production to do so?

abandoned slaughter house

If you are interested in this or any other location we feature, contact San Telmo Productions to get a quote for your next film or TV production in Argentina.

Over the past couple of years, Argentina has been seeing the horror film industry rise. From Daniel de la Vega’s Jennifer’s Shadow to Demián Rugna’s The Last Getaway, young directors are starting to make bigger productions with more international weight.  The most successful of this homegrown horror industry has been Sudor Frio (Cold Sweat) which was released in the US, and the film involves it involves crazy terrorists, bare breasts and a generous slathering of nitro-glycerine.

Happy Halloween! (And if you’re wondering, it is not celebrated in Argentina, nor do they do day of dead stuff).

Stairway to nowhere


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