Location Double: Argentina’s Medieval Castle Double

by Amy Ramirez, contributing blogger

Who would have thought that a town lost in the suburbs of Buenos Aires could be used as a location double for everything from middle age castles to pirate ports? Quilmes, the staple of Argentine beer, used the town to re-create a pirate port and a Transylvanian castle for the most recent commercial titled, “Historia de la Amistad” which celebrates friendship throughout the ages.

About 30 miles from the center of Buenos Aires lies this quaint medieval replica made entirely from recycled materials. Campanopolis, named after its creator Antonio Campana, contains hundreds of buildings complete with narrow streets, fountains, lakes, footbridges, and even a Dutch windmill!

A mixture between Tim Burton and Disney World, Campanopolis is the perfect location for those looking for a dark and enchanting place that captures the nostalgic allure of childhood fairy tales.

If you want to film in Campanopolis, you will need to contract a local production company to obtain the location permits and legally required insurance coverage. San Telmo Productions is used to helping filmmakers and TV producers from all over the world have great shoots in Argentina.


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