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Why not use the real thing? “X-Men” Confusion on Argentina Location


Popular and laid back Villa Gesell is the perfect location double for the Atlantic Costline of the US from South Carolina to New Jersey

by Amy Ramirez, contributing blogger

Last summer’s X-men: First Class chose to mention Villa Gesell, a beautiful Argentinean coastal village, as the South American hiding place for the Nazi villain Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon). Much to the confusion of the local population, the film’s interpretation of the common vacation spot showed northern England’s mountains and lakes instead of Villa Gesell’s forests and beaches.

One can find mountainous landscapes in the southern part of Argentina (Bariloche, Tierra del Fuego, etc). Villa Gesell, however, is more of a fun-filled, steamy beach setting. The town has also hosted the UNICIPAR film festival for the past two years.

Villa Gesell has a boardwalk along the coastline, great restaurants and tea-houses, and is famous for the large expanses of forests and dunes, that are protected by the municipal government. There are many other towns on the Argentine coast from the classy Pinamar to the mini-metropolis Mar del Plata. The Atlantic Coast of Argentina is a great film-location double for any beach scene, and with the reverse seasons, a great option from October to April.  At San Telmo Productions, we’re able to do location scouting, casting, and offer complete production services for Villa Gesell and all other points in Argentina.