Viggo Mortensen to Debut his First Argentine Film (by the producers of “The Secret in Their Eyes”, no less!)

Argentina Films producer Haddock and Calculus Spanish Films, the same as the Oscar-winning “The secret of their eyes” and “The Widows of Thursday, ” began pre-production on “Everyone has a plan” (Todos Tenemos un Plan) a film written and directed by Ana Piterbarg, which marks the film debut of Viggo Mortensen Argentina.

Mortensen will star in the history of Augustine and Pedro, twin brothers who reunite after ten years of not seeing each other. Peter is sick and asks his brother to help him die. At first, Augustine refuses to help him but when he sees the suffering of his brother, he changes his mind and kills him. The next day, Augustine dresses in the clothes of Pedro and try to start a new life.

Mortensen with the flag of his beloved San Lorenzo football team on Oscar night with Cate Blanchett

This will be Argentina’s first film Mortensen, who had said on several occasions his interest in acting in a local film after having lived most of his childhood in the country, and he speaks fluent Spanish. He is obsessed with the football team San Lorenzo, to the point of bringing the team’s flags with him to the Oscars and traveling to Buenos Aires just to watch games.

The start of filming is scheduled for June, and besides Mortensen Soledad Villamil, star of “El Secreto de sus Ojos” best film in a foreign language Oscar-winner will be co-starring. After her successful performance, it is obvious why Haddock has decided to use the same actress again, maybe the Academy will give her another statue!

Soledad Villamil

The film will be shot in Buenos Aires province, especially in the delta of Tigre, and additional filming will take place in studios in Spain. The screenplay has been hotly talked about as the winner of the Julio Alejandro Screenplay award, and even netting Piterbarg $50,000 at the Malaga Film Festival in 2008.


4 thoughts on “Viggo Mortensen to Debut his First Argentine Film (by the producers of “The Secret in Their Eyes”, no less!)

  1. Don´t worry Penny, from the looks of it that is just up to the first plot point (first half hour), or they wouldn´t be putting it in press releases (at least I hope!).
    keep on rocking!

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