In Competition at Cannes from Argentina

The 2011 Cannes film festival will have the short film Soy tan feliz, byVladimir Durán, produced by Gale Cine and Servo Films from Argentina in competition for the Golden Palm award, after winning best short film in the 2011 BAFICI (Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival).

Martina Gusman in Cannes last year

Actress Martina Gusman was elected as part of the jury chaired by Robert De Niro. In 2002 she founded with her ​​husband, director Pablo Trapero, Matanza Cine, a film production company, where she serves primarily as executive producer.

In 2005 she made began her career as an actress in her husband’s Nacido y Criado, and was nominated for the Silver Condor for the second film, Leonera, where she played a woman who is convicted of murder and raises her son in prison. In 2010 she played the young doctor Luján co-starring with Ricardo Darin, the sixth film by Pablo Trapero, called Carancho. This year she ventured for the first time on television in the unit of Pol-ka Para Vestir Santos, where she shared a lesbian scene with actress Celeste Cid, and also played a university student during the dictatorship in another mini-series.


5 thoughts on “In Competition at Cannes from Argentina

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  2. Thought she did a great job in Carancho. Watched that last night, despite my dislike for reading subtitles. I enjoyed the film, how her character was flawed and also the ending how it went down. Good time watching it.

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