2011 BAFICI Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival approaches!

by Fer Murjica, contributing blogger

From April 6th until April 17th, different cinemas in Buenos Aires will be hosting the BAFICI (Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival) showing a selection with more than 426 different independent films from Argentina and all over the world.

Starting yesterday and until April 6th, people will be able to buy pre-sale tickets for the movies they want. The numbers are promising with almost 17400 tickets sold in the first day. Last year 280,000 people attended, making it the most important film event in Argentina.

There are also free musical events and short films for children. The competition sections are diverse and are separated into international and national selections which feature films that are bizarre, experimental as well as classical tales. But what all films have in common is that they are unlikely to be distributed in Buenos Aires in the commercial circuit.

For filmmakers and producers, there are many educational events including workshops offered by Fuji Film, INCAA (Argentine Film Board), and talks by documentary maker Patricio Guzman, and French Director Jacques Doillon.

Tickets can be bought through the website http://www.festivales.gob.ar or personally from 10AM to 8PM  at “La casa de la cultura” (Av. De Mayo 575 – PB) and the Hoyts cinema Abasto located in Abasto Shoppging (Av. Corrientes 3247). In order to make purchasing a fast experience, the organization staff recommends the people to download and print the form located at http://www.bafici.gob.ar/home11/web/resources/BAFICI_13_CompraRapida.pdf , so you can write with full detail, the movie and date you want to buy.

To be sure about the days and hours of your movies, you can check the “day by day” grill at the official website: http://www.bafici.gov.ar/home11/web/es/events/index.html

For residents and visitors alike, the BAFICI is more than a festival, it is a celebration of the independent filmmakers who do whatever it takes to get their stories on the screen.


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