Free Outdoors Cinema in Palermo: Walk or Drive-In

by Fer Murjica, contributing blogger

Starting at January 7th and for six weeks, in Buenos Aires you will find from rock concerts in Parque Roca, to artificial beaches in Playas de la Ciudad. And all of this, free of charge.
Under this premise, the city also offers national productions shown in a drive-in cinema located right in El Rosedal, the rose garden located in the middle of the huge park known as “Los Bosques de Palermo” .

Since January the 8th until February the 6th you will be able to drive and park in your car (or walk in) in front of a giant screen (18 x 13 mts) located in one of the most beautiful places in the city.

In case you are not near of the speakers, you can hear the movie by tuning Radio Ciudad (AM 1110).
The movie opening this activity, was Carancho from Pablo Trapero, the selected movie to represent Argentina in the 83rd edition of the Academy awards and starred by Ricardo Darín. Future films include comedies such as “Soy tu Aventura” and thrillers such as “Sin Retorno”.
The entire programming of this event can be found in the official web site:

Last week, at the premiere of this event, the ammount of people who sowed up was so great and exceeded what the organizers were expecting, so they decided to add another stand at 23hs. Around 300 cars and 1500 people on the terraces (for those who don’t have a car) showed up to enjoy not just a great movie, but also a great city.


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