Secret in Their Eyes gets British Academy of Film and Television Arts Nominatino

by Rob Sykes, contributing blogger

A full 17 months after its Argentinean release, “El Secretos de sus Ojos” continues to garner critical respect and remains in the running to scoop international awards!

Last week saw the announcement of this year’s short list for the BAFTAs in the UK, with “Secrets..” gaining a nomination within the ‘Film not in the English language’ category. The only Latin American film nominated at the awards, it is perhaps surprising that its nomination comes so late!

Latin American cinema can continue to look proudly at the inspirational success of “Secrets..”. It is of course this picture which has stood head and shoulders above other Latin American productions in terms of both critical acclaim and ticket sales in recent times. As of the end of 2010, Director Juan José Campanella’s masterpiece was the second highest grossing film in Argentinean history. But why then, has recognition been so late in coming from the cinema powers that be in the UK?! The answer is simple; the film didn’t actually gain a UK release until a full year after it had been wowing Argentinean audiences, premiering on UK shores as late as 13th August 2010. Despite its hugely delayed release, it seems the films impact cannot be held down, following on from its Goya Award (Spanish Oscar equivalent) and indeed its Oscar victory, it is once more representing Latin American cinema, making waves on the global stage.


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