Americine Taken Over By D Street Group

by Rob Sykes, Contributing Blogger

As 2010 came to a close, one of Argentina’s largest cinema sales and distribution companies, Americine, was taken over by part North American, part German firm D Street Group.

From a Latin American cinema perspective, the most exciting result of this deal is the increased access to broader audiences, including the lucrative North American market. Dexter Davis, executive director of D Street, explained in a recent interview that his company’s aims for Americine is to revise its business model, expanding the reach of the Argentinean distributor’s films to a worldwide audience.

Indeed Javier Krause, recently appointed interim CEO of Americine, after many years at INCAA, sees the deal as “a new commitment to bring investment to the region, not just Argentina. Arming Latin American cinema [to take on] the rest of the world, making it the core business of Americine.”

Not that the sale will see Americine’s focus in Latin America fixed to merely distribution; “The idea is…..fundamentally, to produce new Latin American content” stated Krause as he looks to the future. Adding later that he hopes the company can begin to create strategic alliances with different producers.

A preliminary deal has already been signed with Patagonik to this effect. And other joint ventures are already underway in the form of Argentinean Fabián Iriarte’s new script, Camino a Nueva Orleáns, and the partly European funded The Blue Mauritius by Alexander Witt.

Add to this the excitement at Americine with regards the fresh possibilities for pictures whose rights they already own (such as El Crack and Junco) and it’s easy to see why big things are be expected for Latin American cinema amongst new audiences right across the globe in 2011.


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