Variety Magazine and Director James Ivory Praise Argentina as Film Location

Six time Oscar Winner, Director James Ivory

by Rob Sykes, contributing blogger

What have the United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Prague and Buenos Aires got in common?

Well, according to a recent survey in Variety magazine, they are the top five destinations to shoot cutting edge cinema on the entire planet! The result of conversations with a variety of top US producers, the survey saw the city of ‘Good Air’ gain a more than favourable mention. Unsuprisingly, given its great mix of architectural styles and cosmopolitan vibe, Buenos Aires sits comfortably towards the very top of what is a very exclusive list.

The rest of Argentina hasn’t escaped the attentions of famous filmakers. Six time Oscar winner James Ivory, who completed the filming of The City of Your Final Destination, in Argentina, poured praise on the country:

Film Still from "The City of Your Final Destination"

“Argentina has a long history of filmmaking, wonderful technicians who are very experienced and hardworking, great locations and even though it doesn’t offer tax breaks, relatively inexpensive,” Ivory was quoted as saying in Haciendo Cine Magazine.

This of course is a man who knows his stuff, having been involved in some 30 odd productions over almost 50 years since his directoral debut with 1963s The Householder.

So with the great and good praising Argentina for its cinematic potential, home-grown pictures continuing to flourish and events such as the recent Ventana Sur industry expo exploring all sorts of possibilities, now is a popular time to be making cinema in Argentina!

At San Telmo Productions we’re proud to show filmmakers from around the world the great film destination that is Argentina.


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