Ventana Sur: Window on South American Film

by Rob Sykes, contributing blogger

The giant cinema shop window that is Ventana Sur is the most important film sales exposition in the entire Latin American region, runs from 3rd – 6th December. Now in its second year after a link-up between INCAA and Marché du Film (the organizers behind Cannes festival), Ventana Sur provides connections for the Latin American Film Industry. The four days see various events from training workshops and seminars; lectures and project presentations; business meetings and conferences; and of course, screenings of some fantastic cinema, spread across Buenos Aires.

The broad idea of Ventana Sur is to provide that shop window; a place where the industry professionals, buyers, sales agents, directors and producers can meet to show off their ideas and talent to potential investors, but also to educate and train young (and old!) hopefuls in cinema technique. The events of this nature fall into three main categories. The first, Primer Corte, is a selection of ten Latin American films in the post-production stage being presented by Haciendo Cine, all ten new films winning the right to be digitalized and stored in a video library – as well as the obvious benefits of the exclusive screenings during Ventana Sur. Next, a series of events from Doc BsAs/Latin Side of Doc focus on the improvement of Documentary film making in Latin America, and the development of connections between buyers and filmmakers. Starting a few days earlier than most of the events scheduled, Expotoons (30th Nov. – 2nd Dec.), has a similar remit but for the international animation industry.

Of course no week-long cinema expo would be complete without a few show piece screenings, and Ventana Sur has for the second year running teamed up with Thierry Fremaux, General Delegate of The Cannes Film Festival, and the Gaumont Theatre, to host a European Film week. Showing each day from 30th Nov – 8th Dec, the week will see various films from the recent past of European cinema. Including a first screening in Capital Federal for Romania’s Tuesday After Christmas which scooped the best actress award for Mirela Oprisor and Maria Popistasu (shared) at last month’s Mar Del Plata film festival.

With so much encouragement and opportunities on offer, I for one hope that the right people get their ideas seen and examined through this enormous window of the south. Of course with the good news for anyone who does make good connections and contacts at Ventana Sur, comes good news for cinema fans everywhere. Ventana Sur can only help Latin American cinema to further develop and grow. Meaning more fantastic cinema for fans for years to come, and more fantastic cinema for future cinema makers to take inspiration from when they take a peek through the window, into the Latin American cinema industry of tomorrow!


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