Southern Patagonia, Land of Ice and Fire, Your Next Film Location

by Amelia Batho, contributing blogger

Regarded by many as the final frontier of the New World islands, the archipelago Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire) off the Southern most tip of Argentina is a mysterious land waiting to be discovered by film makers.

Far from inaccessible, the regions capital city Ushuaia is a transportation hive with an international airport that receives regular flights from Buenos Aires and Santiago, Chile and ferries and buses that are able to access all of the breath taking landscapes found in the region.

Another major plus to the city is that all shopping, whether imported or locally produced, is tax free! So it’s also a great place to stock up on any supplies.

As a full service production company with a network of local fixers, field producers and technicians throughout South America, San Telmo Productions can make sure you next shoot in Patagonia goes off without a hitch.

Traditional wooden houses and fishing boats make this city a beautiful location and double for Scandanavia and Alaska.

The city is located on one of the many islands found in the Beagle Channel, a strait separating the islands of the archipelago. The strait is named after the ship HMS Beagle which conducted its first survey on the area in the 19th century. Aboard that ship, of course, was Charles Darwin who, when he  first caught a glimpse of the glaciers, wrote ‘many glaciers beryl blue most beautiful contrasted with snow’ a testament to the unique beauty of the region still seen today.

What else awaits the intrepid film maker? Islands inhabited solely by penguin colonies and remarkable glaciers. World Heritage Site Los Glaciers national Park can be found a bit further north in the province of Santa Cruz. The park hosts a blanket of ice which covers 600,000 hectares and feeds into 48 glaciers – the most famous one, Perito Moreno, is an impressive 30km long and 5km wide.

International film festival winner ‘Todos las azafatas van al cielo’ (Every stewardess goes to heaven) starring Argentine Actress Ingrid Rubio, is set in Ushuaia among the wintery white landscape, which is described by some to compliment the purity of the film. On one hand, the area can be interpreted as a dramatic, hostile environment conducive with feelings such as loneliness but on the other hand it can also be described as an untouched, comforting and serene landscape.


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