Mendoza: Andes Mountains, Vineyards, Sunny Climate and European Elegance make this Film Location Shine

Brad Pitt stared in this movie, filmed in location in Mendoza, Argentina

by Amelia Batho, contributing blogger

The classic Mendoza landscape: Andes looming over vineyards.

Another filming location with bags of potential here in Argentina, is the semi- arid province of Mendoza. Situated on the west side of the country and bordering Chile, this province boasts spectacular views of the snow-capped Andes which include the highest mountain in the Western hemisphere, Cerro Aconcagua. Also famous for its wine making industry, which has attracted hundreds of millions of dollars in US and European capital in the last 10 years, there are plenty of picturesque wineries and vineyards set against the beautiful backdrop of those impressive mountains.

And most importantly, we at San Telmo Productions have been developing contacts with our partners, who have been keeping film equipment (cranes, lights, grips, dollies, cameras) to ensure that most equipment that is needed for a publicity spot or film shoot can be sourced locally, and not brought in from Buenos Aires, further reducing costs. The provincial government is encouraging film productions with new laws and transparency. Also, there are many local film and TV film technicians with experience in foreign productions, making the location less dependent on Buenos Aires.

Mendoza has doubled for the Grand Canyon and American West.

The climate also makes the location very versatile with snow in the Winter months and crisp clear skies in the summer.  Very little rain year round means it is ideal for shoots.  The continental landscape can also double for European countries and the Andes can double for famous worldwide mountain ranges such as the Alps or the Rockies.

For city shots, Mendoza city center offers wide, tree lined avenues and quaint boutiques as well as historical plazas.

In 1997, ‘Seven Years in Tibet’ directed by Jean Jacques Annaud and starring Brad Pitt, was shot in Mendoza. Due to cheaper production costs and a vast amount of location options, they were able to build dozens of sets including a very long recreation of a Tibetan city built into the Andean foothills and an ancient Palace constructed in an abandoned garlic warehouse. (

Brad Pitt hiking through the "Himalayas" in "Tibet" but filmed entirely in Mendoza.

European style parks are as beautiful in autumn as they are in summer.

Mendoza city in famous for its tree lined streets and European vibe (as well as great food and wine!)


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