Argentina´s Oscar candidate – Carancho – High Hopes for Another Win

by Amelia Batho, contributing blogger

Carancho, directed by Pablo Tapero, has been chosen to represent Argentina in the 2011 Oscars for ‘Best film in a foreign language’.

It was chosen by a panel from the Academy of Arts and Cinematic science of Argentina, from a selection of five Argentine films. The other unsuccessful choices were,  El Hombre del Lado, Dos Hermanos, Tres Deseos y Sin Retorno (check out some of their reviews in our blog!). Receiving 31% of the votes, Carancho will be the national entry for the competitive category -‘Best film in a foreign language’.
Expectation are high as it follows in the very famous footsteps of ‘El secreto de los ojos’, which won the category earlier this year. This is also great news for one of the films protagonists, Ricardo Darin, who has been apart of two other Oscar nominated films in recent years including “El secreto’.

Argentina has won the Oscar for best foreign language flim twice, the first time being for The Official Story in 1985. It seems like films that reflect Argentina’s corrupt political system are most likely to win or get nominated! Let’s see if in the future the Academy will also begin to award the comedies and adventure films from the region.

You can read our review and watch the trailer here.


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