“Sin Retorno” Does Well at the Box Office Bringing themes of Injustice to the Big Screen

by contributing writer, Tracey Chandler

The recently released film, “Sin Retorno,” directed by first time director Miguel Cohan and written by Miguel and Ana Cohan, presents the viewer with a number of thrilling moral dilemmas based around a traffic accident and a false accusation. These themes have resonated with the Argentine audience, as the corrupt justice system is front-page news, and it has been the most widely watched Argentine film since it’s release. No surprise: it is from the same producers behind Oscar winner “The Secret in Their Eyes”.

When watching the movie it is an interesting exercise to put yourself in the position of the parents of Matías (played by Martín Slipak) and to decide whether you would take your child to the police in such a situation, knowing that it would probably result in his incarceration for manslaughter.

“Sin Retorno,” tells the story of a happily married man with a teenage daughter (played by Leonardo Sbaraglia) who is tried and falsely convicted for the road accident death of a young cyclist. Matías and his parents nervously watch the news as this falsely accused man takes the blame for the young cyclist´s death instead of owning up to what truly took place. They sit tight, watch, worry and doubt, but in the end they do nothing.

The film continues to move forward as the family cloaks themselves in more and more lies every day with the police, the insurance firm and even with other members of their own family. They burn evidence, they alter the facts and they even try to flee the city when things begin to come to light.

Leonardo Sbaraglia returns to the Argentine screen after acting in Spain with the portrayal of a “normal” man driven to revenge and acts of violence. With an all star cast including Federico Luppi who plays the distraught and relentless father of the dead cyclist, “Sin Retorno” is an example of excellent acting and creative screenplay all in one. Film star Luppi might be more than 80 years old, but he steals the screen with his perfomance of a father begging for “justice” in front of reporters, a story ripped off from today’s headlines in Argentina.

“Sin Retorno” is high tension and the destruction caused to the life of an innocent is excellently presented with little dialogue and subtle expressions.

The film is definitely worth seeing, particularly in order to evaluate the ending. The outcome of the narrative could have taken a number of different paths and therefore the choice opted for by the writers is an interesting one to ponder over as the credits scroll. It certainly isn´t a happy ending, nor does it tie up all the loose ends that it creates throughout. Indeed, the viewer is perhaps left feeling a little on edge or, better said, a little empty. However, the experience is one that if full of action, excitement and intrigue, a thriller that has thrilled Argentine audiences.


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