Cordoba–The Heart of Argentina offers Mountains, rivers and Colonial Architecture–Great location doubles for American West

by Amelia Batho, contributing blogger

Argentina has a plethora of interesting landscapes for filming locations and many of these are found in the province of Cordoba, located in the center of the country.

What does Cordoba offer the film maker? A fantastic range of natural and man made backdrops. The physical landscapes are some of the most beautiful in the country and include the undulating Cordoba Sierras (small mountains) and valleys, hosting idyllic salt lakes and streams. Many of the landscapes can double for the American West-think Colorado, Idaho and Montana.

Cordoba-Argentina-filled with rivers, stream and foothills

The vast, fertile grassland of the Humid Pampas can also be found in this province.

The historic city of Cordoba offers outstanding, historic architecture, from churches to convents and colonial-style houses which date as far back as the 16th century. A notable landmark is the beautiful Cathedral, Manzana Jesuitica (see picture above). It is one of the largest cities in Argentina, home to the oldest university in the country and the historical importance is matched by the industrial strength of the city.

While Cordoba is the heart of Argentina, it is not a popular international tourist destination or filming location–right now it is the center of internal tourism. So if you are lo0king for an undiscovered location but with great infrastructure, Cordoba could be the ideal location for your next film or commercial. And the weather is dry and sunny!

And here are some other locations to think about:

Villa Belgrano: This small mountain village was settled by German settlers who constructed typical alpine houses. It hosts the annual octoberfest.

Cordoba is literally the heart of Argentina. The capitol is about 6-8 hours drive from Buenos Aires, or 40 minutes by air.

Villa Carlos Paz: a lake surrounded by mountains, is one of the main tourist destinations in summer, empty in winter. If your story is about an amusement park in the mountains, look no further.

Villa Belgrano film location Cordoba German town

German influence abounds in Villa Belgrano

This potential has been acknowledged by many local film makers. Last year, four feature films, three documentaries and forty short films were shot in the province, along with productions for major television channels in Argentina. However, the National Culture budget has yet to stretch much further than Buenos Aires and many producers from Cordoba are finding it hard to get funding from National Institutes such as the INCAA and the Secretaria de Cultura.

Producers behind three feature films (Hip ólito, De Caravana and El invierno de los raros) that struggled to get support, are now trying to change the situation and promote production in the Province. Having produced feature films at a professional level showing just what the Province is capable of, they are in a great position and will continue with their fight.

With all the ingredients for a successful production scene, lets hope that politics doesn’t get in the way of local film productions. – Link to El invierno de los raros (2010)


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